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With a passion to deliver experiences such as high-end interactive drama and immersive VR, Supermassive Games is carving a unique and exciting path in the games industry. Want to join us on the journey?


We’ve harnessed Unreal Engine 4 and built a suite of powerful, world-class systems on top of it. Now we need you to help us take this further.

You’ll be engineering critical tools that will underpin development across all our games. You’ll be involved in solving complex and technical challenges, as well as working with developers from all disciplines to understand and improve their workflows.

In other words you’ll be playing a key role in developing our future games.


We're looking for:

  • Experienced in C++ - you’ve got experience in C++, and have contributed to published software.
  • Experienced in JS - you’ve got experience in JavaScript, with a good understanding of Meteor and React and have contributed to published software.
  • Problem Solver – you enjoy understanding and working with complex systems. You’re prepared to dive into unfamiliar code and learn new skills when necessary.
  • User Interface – you have some experience building easy-to-use UIs, using HTML, Unreal Engine’s Slate, WinForms, WPF or a similar language.
  • Practical - sometimes a rapid prototype is needed to quickly test an idea. Other times a mission-critical system needs detailed planning and consultation. You have an instinct for what level of engineering is needed, and you can work efficiently at any level.
  • Great Communicator - you can talk about your work. You’ll be as comfortable specifying a feature with designers and collaborating on a shared codebase with engineers as you are taking feedback from directors and producers.

We'd be especially impressed by:

  • Wide Range of Experience. Knowledge of relational and document-orientated databases, multi-threading, Unreal editor.
  • Other Languages – if you know C#, Python, Lua, that would also be useful.

You also need to be:

  • Flexible and open-minded
  • Determined and self-motivated
  • Prepared to rise to a challenge
  • Always striving for quality
  • Creative and innovative

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